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chasing it down since 2005

Hello! My name is Diana and I'm an artist living in Richmond, Virginia. A few of my favorite things are guzzling coffee, reading, and cats.

I'm an older millennial, so I've had some time to try out this and that. Over the last 10 years, I've worked as a freelance web designer, brand consultant, visual artist, and creative content developer for small businesses. I worked in the tattoo industry for 5 years, during three of which I owned and operated a brick and mortar tattoo shop. All of this experience, mixed with a healthy dose of mistakes and hard fails, has taught me one thing; I love to tell a good story. A story that makes an idea light up like a beacon flashing across a distant horizon. A beacon that summons people from afar with it's glowing goodness. 

Currently I'm enrolled in the Mass Communications department of Virginia Commonwealth University with a focus on Creative Advertising. My primary objective is to take all of my "this and that" and hone my focus as an Art Director. Have an idea to share with the world? Let's light that baby up!