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by Diana Davis

Web Design & Creative Content for Small Businesses

Diana Davis XYZ

Website Designer // Social Media Content // Content Creation & Management

The End of the Internet | 2014 - present

I understand how important it is for a small business owner to stay in tune with the market, have high brand visibility, and to provide engaging content to online followers. I combine web design, graphic design, and creative advertising to create a cross-platform brand continuity that will make your business stand out and engage customers.  

Featured Projects:


Talented painter and mixed media artist Caitlynn Abdow needed a place to showcase her work, share her artist CV, and keep her network updated. Together, we created this custom website which meets her small business needs, sets the tone for her visual branding, and presents her body of work in a professional and engaging site. 

Caitlynn Abdow Art web desig

Master Craft Restoration is a large scale maintenance and restoration business that operates in a large area in the state of Oregon. They needed a website to provide detailed information about a multitude of multifamily and commercial property management services.

Maste Craft Resoration web desig

Fresh Savagery is an online blog spot about minimalism, creativity, and lifestyle. Designed, written, and curated by Diana Davis.

Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 3.31.24 PM.png

Mock Ad Campaigns

Project 54: Uber

54 Ad Campaigns // Design // UX // Visual Art

Richmond, VA | 2018

Project 54 is a semester-long project that is the main focus of the mass communications class titled Curiousness at the Virginia Commonwealth University. The project title refers to the 54 projects enrolled students have to complete in one semester. Each project includes 3-4 pages of handwritten journaling, a prototype, and a notation (2-3 sentence summary of the project idea) posted online to a WordPress blog. The Fall 2018 focus of the project is to generate 54 project concepts for Uber that include Uber (the company), transportation (the service), and mentorship (the brand theme). Here are a few examples of brand prototypes I created for Uber. 

Featured Projects:

Online Magazine

Hawk & Viper Magazine

Web Design // Brand // Content Development

Portland, OR | 2014 - 2015

Hawk & Viper Magazine was an online art publication featuring contemporary videos, art, and tattoos. I built the magazine from the back end to the front end and created a contemporary sub-pop influenced brand that carried the identity and voice of the magazine. Additionally, I produced copywriting, formatting, and design for the magazine. 

Featured Projects: